About Craigavon


With the highest birth rate in the country, 2.3%, Craigavon's population of 90,800 is forecast to continue to grow.
The reorganisation of Local Government will enter a new phase in April 2014 with the first visible steps towards the new super council combining Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon. The population of 200,000 will make it the second largest after Belfast.

We are a culturally diverse area with numbers of people originally from Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, China and other Far Eastern countries, settled in Craigavon.

Craigavon has plenty to offer: a vibrant young and well educated workforce, world-class infrastructure and telecoms, a competitive cost base and one of the largest land banks in the country ready and available for industrial use. Craigavon has the largest concentration of manufacturing employment outside Belfast with 28% of private sector jobs in the sector.

Craigavon has the third highest actual number of foreign owned businesses and second for the numbers employed by foreign owned businesses. In recent years, Craigavon has attracted 7 new inward investment projects generating investment of over £80million in the local economy. Only Belfast has managed to secure more new inward investment projects over the same timeframe.

Craigavon is characterised by having the highest number of companies who employ more than 250 people each.   These employers employ approx 10,735 staff.  There are 50 + employers locally who employ more than 100 staff each, this equates to 15,250 staff locally.

Significant employment is provided in industries related to food processing, light engineering, metal fabrication, textile manufacture and pharmaceuticals. 

Craigavon has, understandably, given its excellent transport infrastructure, a strong service industry base.

Craigavon is a great place to live, work and invest.